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In a challenging world interrupted by the pandemic, we need to help students reclaim their potential as readers and writers on the path to success. We now know that regular, one-to-one tutoring is the single best way to help students make up for the lost momentum that many experienced during the Covid era. For students at all levels, this work is an opportunity to define and enrich their lives as readers and writers.

I work with families and students to establish both goals and family-friendly timeframes within which the work can take place. (Consider, for example, five sessions devoted to essay writing, or a semester of weekly sessions in support of nonfiction research, organization and longform writing. I frequently work with students at boarding school over three sessions on a single essay assignment.) The sessions can support schoolwork or function independently.


Book Clubs
Parents who have wanted to see their children read more and enjoy books more cannot say enough about the joys of a weekly, online book club for their child and a few friends. 

Families can create a group from their child’s school circle or friend group, with at least three readers of the same age. An East Coast club can include friends on the West Coast. (A weekly 7:00pm meeting, Eastern Time, can work well for L.A. members.) I can present book selections representing current favorites and vibrant classics, or the group can pick something that everybody’s had on their list for a while. Or both. You can even consider a summer club!  

Play-Reading Groups  (New for Spring, 2024) 
In weekly Zoom gatherings, we will read new plays drawn from the collection of London’s National Theatre.  The plays, by some of the UK’s most exciting and popular playwrights, will appeal to those seeking to explore the genre of playwriting. Reading aloud together (Each participant will be assigned a part), we will learn how text and performance shape one another. Parents form the groups of 4-10 like-minded students. No previous experience with the genre is necessary. Mixed-age groups are fine.  Eligibility:  Fifth Grade and above. 


Faculty Professional Development
Faculty training supports the creation and implementation of curricula and the establishment of the structures of the reading and writing workshop.

Curriculum Design
Curriculum design guides teachers through the process of creating literacy curricula – including rubrics, assessments and reflections – tailored to classroom needs. Past examples include:

Reading Workshop:  

  • Adding Rigor to Book Clubs: Grades 3-6
  • Book Clubs with a Social Action theme

Writing Workshop

  • Memoir A to Z: A Three-Week Study
  • Powerful Information Writing
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