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About Lisa Schwartzburg

After starting my professional life as a magazine and book editor, I came to teaching 25 years ago in order to share my love of reading and writing with others.  As a longtime Humanities teacher at the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn Heights and as a teacher and literacy coach with the NYC Department of Education, I focused on the critical reading and analytical writing skills that are the hallmarks of intellectual development.  In September, 2022, my private tutoring practice, Masterpiece Ink, was launched full time and reflects my longtime  focus on academic writing for students from fourth grade through graduate school.  In the closely related fields of reading and writing, I help readers develop a point of view as they move through a text, and then refine and revise that response as they go along.  Once the writing process begins, the work is about identifying one’s message and providing the evidence to support it.  After that, students can begin the most momentous part of the journey:  trying on their own writer’s voice.

M.S. Ed., The Bank Street College of Education, NYC
NYC Common Branch License
NYS Certification

Upon Request

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